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Church of the Nativity of Our Lady

The church of the Natividad de Nuestra Señora, also known as Santa María, is a notable example of the Herrerian style in Casarrubios del Monte, standing out for its monumentality and historical richness. Built under the direction of Don Francisco Chacón and the priest Don Gaspar de Arévalo in 1558, it was blessed in April 1564. Externally, its bell tower, which reaches 52 meters in height, is visible from any point in the municipality, while the interior houses a variety of architectural and artistic elements ranging from Gothic to Baroque. Its main altarpiece, a work of Juan de Castañeda from 1618, stands out for the image of the Virgin, brought from the church of Nuestra Señora de Batres, and is considered one of the most beautiful of Spanish Gothic. The church also contains valuable paintings by artists such as Antón Pizarro, Giuseppe Leonardo, and Alonso Cano.

The temple has witnessed important historical events, such as the stay of King Philip III, during which religious services were held and the body of San Isidro was housed. The structure, delicate by nature, has required various repairs over the years, but has maintained its splendor thanks to the incorporation of elements from other local temples. The church has a large dome over the transept, built in 1610 by Nicolás Vergara el Mozo, and a sacristy that houses a valuable collection of paintings and an impressive parish archive that predates the Council of Trent. The tower, completed in 1620 with a Herrerian spire, was rebuilt in Baroque style in the 18th century. Throughout its history, the church has retained its cultural and spiritual relevance, becoming a living testimony to the heritage of Casarrubios del Monte.


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    C. Sta. María, Casarrubios del Monte, Toledo
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    Possibly the most beautiful image of the Virgin in Gothic style in Spain.

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