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Ignatian Way

The Camino Ignaciano, which winds through Spain’s Basque Country, Navarre, and Catalonia, offers more than historical echoes and scenic vistas. It is a crucible for introspection and a path for personal conversion. While many travel this route in search of physical and spiritual renewal or a thorough cultural immersion, others are keenly aware of its spiritual transformative potential.

Oficina del Peregrino del Camino Ignaciano

The Camino is promoted by the Society of Jesus in Spain (Jesuits), through the Pilgrim's Office of the Ignatian Way, which helps to coordinate the itinerary that runs through five regions in Spain. From the official website, with publications offered in several languages, and the constant presence of pilgrims, the Way that St. Ignatius of Loyola made has been kept alive since 1522, when the knight Inigo de Loyola began his pilgrimage from Azpeitia-Loyola on his way to the Holy Land.