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Chapel of Marcus

The Marcús Chapel, located in Barcelona’s Bòira neighborhood, represents a valuable testimony of devotion and Romanesque architecture in the city. Founded in the 12th century by Bernard Marcús, this historic place was initially dedicated to the Virgin of the Guide and served as a cemetery church, as well as being part of a hospital for travelers and pilgrims. Over the centuries, the chapel has undergone several architectural transformations, preserving today its original structure of a single nave with Romanesque elements such as the Lombard arches in its walls. It was surely a place of passage for St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Its strategic location on the old Via Franca, the road that connected Barcelona with France, gave it a crucial role as a meeting point and protection for travelers and pilgrims. The dedication to the Virgin of the Guide highlights its importance as a place of obligatory passage for those heading north or towards the sea, being a symbol of spiritual guidance and protection along the way. In addition, in the 18th century, the chapel was the headquarters of the Cofradía de los Correos a Caballo y a Pie, the first postal organization in Europe, which highlights its historical relevance in the development of commercial and communication routes in the region.


    • Address
      2 Carders St , Ciutat Vella, Barcelona
    • Web
    • Visiting Hours
      Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 12:00
    • What to see
      Tiny Romanesque chapel

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