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Santa Maria Assunta Collegiate Church

The Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Trevi nel Lazio is the result of the merger of the upper church and the crypt, also known as St. Peter’s Church. Until 1470, these two churches operated as separate legal entities, each with its own clergy. After the suppression of the diocese of Trevi in 1227 and the inevitable decline of the cathedral of St. Theodore, the Collegiate Church of St. Mary of the Assumption became the city’s main and most important church.

This Romanesque-style church has a three-nave structure, with the nave much higher than the side aisles. Inside, the high altar, built with marble from Trajan’s villa, and a monumental Baroque organ from 1634 by Ennio Bonifazi, which enhances the solemnity of religious celebrations, stand out. The crypt below, also Romanesque in structure and with three naves, is dedicated to St. Peter the Hermit, patron saint of Trevi, whose relics lie beneath the altar.

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    Piazza S. Maria Maggiore, Trevi Nel Lazio, Italy
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    Tomb of St Peter Hermit

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