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Great St Bernard Hospice

  • Address
    Col du Gd-St-Bernard 2, Bourg-Saint-Pierre, Switzerland
  • Web
  • Visiting Hours
    Reservations +41 27 787 11 53,  [email protected]
  • What to see
    Great St Bernard Pass, Museum


Hospice founded in the year 1050 by Saint Bernard of Menthon next to the Great Saint Bernard Pass, a natural pass between the Swiss and Italian Alps. The building is currently guarded by a religious community and depends on the bishop of Sion (Switzerland). It stands over a prior hospice from the 8th century that was destroyed by saracens.

The hospice was founded to provide shelter and protection against bandits to pilgrims crossing the Alps on their way to Rome. The dogs used by canons to search for lost pilgrims in the mountains are famous, and they are called Saint Bernards.

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