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Basilica of St Benedict

The Basilica of St. Benedict in Norcia is an important Catholic place of worship and a historic symbol of the city. Built on the site traditionally associated with the birth of St. Benedict and St. Scholastica in 480, the basilica has suffered numerous earthquakes over the centuries. The 2016 earthquake caused significant damage, leaving much of the structure in ruins, although the Gothic facade and apse remained standing. Since then, a reconstruction process has been underway that is expected to restore the basilica to its former glory.

The history and spiritual importance of the Basilica of St. Benedict make it a landmark for both the faithful and visitors who wish to learn about Norcia’s religious and cultural heritage. The reconstruction of the basilica represents a monumental effort to preserve this symbol of faith and devotion as well as to honor the memory of St. Benedict and his legacy. With the celebration of Holy Mass in the building under reconstruction in October 2023, the community of Norcia marks a milestone in its journey toward the recovery and restoration of this important pilgrimage site.

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    Piazza S. Benedetto,  Norcia, Italy
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