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Church of Saint Mary Magdalene

The church of Santa María Magdalena in A Mesa, located in Grandas de Salime, is an outstanding example of the popular religious architecture of the region. Built with the characteristic local slate, this church has undergone several renovations over time, the oldest part being the quadrangular chancel and the single nave. Located in a place with a long history of human occupation, the church stands on an ancient prehistoric burial mound, symbolizing the Christianization of a space with ancestral significance for the community.

Although the church, built at the end of the 18th century, is in poor condition, part of the old rural school has been adapted to accommodate pilgrims, thus continuing the tradition of the old hospital. The church has a rectangular floor plan with a single nave, a flat chevet with a high projection and a closed portico at the foot of the nave, topped by a two-sided belfry on the main facade.

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