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Eighth Article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Route to Human RightsThe eighth article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating his fundamental rights recognized by the constitution or by law. This article guarantees that people not only have rights, but also the legal means to defend and enforce them when they are violated. It is a pillar of justice and the rule of law, ensuring that no one is left unprotected against possible abuse of power or injustice.

The essence of this article lies in providing access to an impartial and efficient judicial system that allows people to seek and obtain redress for any violation of their rights. This judicial protection is essential to maintain confidence in institutions and to ensure that human rights are not only theoretical, but also practical and enforceable. This effective remedy reinforces the responsibility of States to protect and respect the rights of all their citizens, thus ensuring an accessible and equitable mechanism of justice.

The plaque with Article 8 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is placed on the outside wall of the San Pascual Baylón hermitage in La Mortera.

Images courtesy of ISHR

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