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Cristo de la Sangre Church

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    Historiador Vayo St, 34, 12450 Jérica, Spain
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    Neoclassical Church

The Church of Christ of the Blood in Jérica has a rich religious history and plays a prominent role in the Way of the Holy Grail. Built in the 13th century, it was rebuilt in the 17th century in the Neoclassical style. Devotion to the image of the Christ of the Blood, highly venerated in the region, has become intertwined with the Christian tradition linked to the Holy Grail, as it is believed that the sacred cup may have passed through Jérica on its journey across the Iberian Peninsula.

The church, with its baroque architecture and imposing presence, becomes a significant landmark on the Way of the Holy Grail, attracting pilgrims and visitors interested in the mystical connection with the sacred relic. In addition to its religious value, the church stands out for its cultural impact and its contribution to the spiritual heritage of the region, forming an integral part of the network of sites linked to the Way of the Holy Grail in Spain.

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