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Church of San Esteban

The church of San Esteban in Genevilla, originally built in 1200 and later remodeled in the 16th century, is a fusion of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Highlights include elements such as the high altarpiece, considered a masterpiece of the Mannerist style in Navarre, made between 1549 and 1563 by Andrés de Araoz and Arnao de Bruselas. The original plan of the church, with a wide nave in two sections and a polygonal dome, has been preserved, as well as the medieval portal and elements such as the triumphal arch and the roof systems. The tower, although remodeled in the 17th century, retains its medieval essence.

The thick ashlar façade and the tower, together with the magnificent 16th-century high altarpiece, make the church of San Esteban de Genevilla a must for lovers of architecture and religious art in Navarre. With its unique combination of styles and rich history, this church is one of the cultural treasures of the region, attracting visitors who want to appreciate its uniqueness and artistic beauty.


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    C. Mediodía, 12, Genevilla, Navarre
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    Beautiful Altarpiece

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