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Santa Marina Church

The Church of Santa María de Bodenaya, located in the town of Bodenaya, in the municipality of Salas, Asturias, Spain, is a Romanesque style place of worship with a history dating back to the 13th century. Although it is believed to have been built on the remains of an ancient pre-Romanesque temple, the present building is of recent construction. It has a rectangular floor plan with a nave and a straight chancel, as well as a chapel attached to the north wall. It stands out for its closed portico on the south wall and a main façade with a linteled access opening, an oculus and a triple-span belfry.

The church houses outstanding elements such as an 18th century Baroque altarpiece, a Romanesque baptismal font and an image of Santa Marina, patron saint of Bodenaya. It is located in a rural setting, surrounded by meadows and mountains, offering beautiful panoramic views. Every year, on July 18, the festivity of Santa Marina is celebrated in Bodenaya with religious and festive activities in honor of the patron saint.

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    Boudenaya, Asturias
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    Romanesque church


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