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Church of Santiago Apóstol

The Church of Santiago Apostle in the city of Santiago, Misiones, Paraguay, is a historical treasure that preserves the rich Jesuit heritage of the region. Built more than 300 years ago, this temple houses relics and works of art that highlight the splendor of baroque art. Its altar and altarpiece, unique among the Jesuit Reductions, together with the images and sculptures, show the devotion and artistic mastery of the time.

In addition, the Jesuit Museum of Santiago, located nearby, complements this cultural experience by exhibiting statues, paintings and vestiges of the old church, providing a complete view of the history and faith that have shaped this rural community over the centuries. The annual celebration of the “Fiesta de la Tradición Misionera” further highlights the cultural importance of this place, attracting national and international visitors to celebrate and appreciate the customs and traditions rooted in the region.

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    B° Caacupé – Avda. Gral. Díaz, Santiago de Misiones, Paraguay
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    Unique Altarpiece

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