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Chapel of Carmen

The Chapel of Carmen de Grandas de Salime is an outstanding example of Asturian Baroque architecture, built in the eighteenth century and dedicated to the Virgen del Carmen, patron saint of sailors. Located in the upper part of the village, it has a stone façade and a square bell tower. Inside it houses a baroque altarpiece from the 18th century, where the image of the Virgen del Carmen can be found, along with other religious images and decorative elements of the time. This chapel is of great importance to the inhabitants of Grandas de Salime, who celebrate various religious festivities in honor of the Virgen del Carmen, including an annual procession on July 16. In addition to its religious value, the Capilla del Carmen is appreciated for its historical and architectural value, being a place of tourist interest in the area that offers panoramic views from its elevated location.

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  • Address
    C. Carmen, 12-17, Grandas de Salime, Asturias
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    Image of Madonna del Carmen


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