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Church of San Roman

The church of San Román de la Retorta, located on the Camino de Santiago and the old Roman Via XIX, is an outstanding example of rural Romanesque architecture. Although its origin dates back to the 12th century, it has undergone modifications over the centuries, such as the 18th century reform that involved the disappearance of the original apse. However, the main nave has survived with its gabled slab roof and masonry walls, showing the historical and architectural richness of the region.

The front of the church, with a semicircular arch and capitals decorated with vegetal motifs, as well as the doors with archivolts and decorative tympanums, are witnesses of its Romanesque heritage. In its interior, in addition to notable architectural elements, such as the arches that in the past housed altarpieces that have now disappeared, there is a baptismal font of great antiquity, even prior to the construction of the church itself. This detail underlines the historical importance of the place as a center of religious activity since ancient times, contributing to its value as a cultural and historical heritage of the region.

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