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Pilgrim Iron Cross

  • Address
    Aidone, Italy
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  • Visiting Hours
    Always open
  • What to see
    Iron Cross


One kilometer further on is the “Croce di Ferro”, decorated with representations of pilgrims made of iron bars, each topped with a different colored stone. This unique art installation is meant to symbolize the entire Camino de Santiago. After leaving their stone at the foot of the cross, the pilgrims face a long descent that leads them to Valguarnera.

The “Croce di Ferro” not only adds a distinctive artistic element to the route, but also represents a symbolic point where pilgrims can leave their mark and contribute to the visual narrative of the Camino. The subsequent descent, in contrast to the previous ascent, symbolizes the passage through the challenges and stages of the Camino, adding depth and meaning to the experience of the Camino de Santiago in Sicily.

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