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Hermitage of Our Lady of Olatz

The Hermitage of Our Lady of Olatz, located in the Gipuzkoa neighborhood of Izarraitz in Azpeitia, represents a crucial point of devotion and spirituality. Built in the 13th century, this ancient Catholic temple has maintained a significant connection with the Loyola family, who were its patrons. St. Ignatius of Loyola’s devotion to the Virgin of Olatz is evident, as he used to pray a daily salve to her. In addition to its spiritual importance, the hermitage played a political role as it was a meeting place for the General Assemblies of Gipuzkoa until the 18th century.

The Olatz Chapel, considered the oldest in Azpeitia, is not only an architectural testimony, but also an important center of Ignatian pilgrimage. The jewel of this place of worship is a Gothic carving of the Virgin, highlighting its antiquity and historical significance in the region, and linked to deep-rooted local traditions. The canonical coronation of Santa María de Olatz in 1952 reinforces her status as Patron Saint of Azpeitia, and the various customs, from birth celebrations to fertility petitions, underscore the deep spiritual connection the community maintains with the hermitage.

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    Avenida Loiola,  Azpeitia (Spain)
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    Romanesque image of Our Lady of Olatz

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