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Church of Saint Peter

The parish church of San Pedro in Fraga, Spain, is a monument of great historical and architectural importance. Of Visigothic origin, it was initially a major mosque during the Arab period, but after the reconquest in the 12th century, it became a Christian temple. Its structure combines elements of different styles, from Romanesque in the doorway with figured capitals to Gothic in the tower, which was later completed in Baroque style. Despite the losses suffered during the Civil War in 1936, the church has been restored and remains a symbol of devotion for the inhabitants of Fraga.

With its single 16th century nave and ribbed vault, the Church of San Pedro stands out for its architectural beauty and its central role in local history. Although part of its heritage was lost during turbulent times, its resilience and the devotion of the people of Fraga have allowed this monument to stand as a living testimony to the faith and history of the region.


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    Pl. San Pedro, 1, Fraga, Huesca
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    Romanesque church

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