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Church of Our Lady of Assumption

The church of the Assumption of Our Lady in Utebo, Zaragoza, is an outstanding example of Mudejar and Baroque architecture. The Mudejar part, mainly the tower, dates from the 16th century and exhibits decorative elements in highlighted brick, such as angled brick and oculi. The church, with a nave of three bays and side chapels, shows a fusion of styles, with quadripartite ribbed vaults and a square eighteenth-century chancel. Its Mudejar bell tower stands out, with a square floor plan and octagonal upper body, with an exquisite decoration of crisscrossed arches and tiles, as well as an inscription that reveals details of its construction, such as the date of completion in 1544 and the name of the master builder, Alonso de Leznes.

The Church of the Assumption of Utebo, in addition to its architectural value, is known for its Mudejar bell tower, an emblematic symbol of the town. This tower, of “mixed” style, presents an elaborate ornamentation with crossed arches and tiles, highlighting the inscription that reveals historical details about its construction. The church fuses Mudejar and Baroque elements, offering an interesting sample of the rich architectural history of the region.

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    Amadeo Navarro St 11, Utebo, Zaragoza
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    Impressive Mudejar bell tower

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