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Chapel of Santiago on Montefurado

The Chapel of Santiago de Montefurado is a landmark located on the Camino de Santiago Primitivo, in the municipality of Allande, Asturias. Located on a hill on the back of a mountain range, this small chapel has been a point of reference for pilgrims over the centuries. With only six houses around it, the chapel is usually inhabited by only one person. It belongs to the former pilgrims’ hospital, which was in operation until the mid-19th century. Currently, the Association of Friends of the Camino de Santiago Astur-Galaico del Interior has turned the carving of St. James that houses this chapel into a symbol of the recovery of the pilgrimage in modern times. This historical and devotional place continues to be a meeting point for walkers on the Primitive Way to Santiago de Compostela.

Images courtesy GuiaVisualdelCaminoPrimitivo

  • Address
    Caserio Montefurado, 2A, Asturias
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    Tiny chapel


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