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St Rita’s House

St. Rita’s house in Cascia is a place of great historical and spiritual importance. This house, where St. Rita lived from her marriage until the day she was admitted to the Order of St. Augustine, remained intact after the devastating earthquake of 1599 that destroyed much of Roccaporena. Financed by Cardinal Fausto Poli, the house was converted into a chapel open to the public in 1629. Inside is the famous painting of Rita Receiving the Thorn, commissioned by Cardinal Poli from the painter Luca Giordano.

The house, consisting of a single room built with irregular stone walls, is a tangible record of St. Rita’s life before she entered the monastery. The small opening in the roof, which according to tradition was the place through which an angel visited Rita, evokes the spiritual bond and miracles associated with this saint venerated throughout the world.


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    Frazione di Roccaporena 2, Roccaporena Italy
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    Former family house of St Rita


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