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Caherdorgan Stone Fort

  • Address
    Boherboy, Co. Kerry, Ireland
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  • Visiting Hours
    Always Open
  • What to see
    Ruins of a 8th century cashel

Caherdorgan, one of the family of ring forts, is distinguished by its construction in stone rather than earth, and is known as ‘Cathair’ (or Cashel in English). Probably built in the 8th or 9th century AD, this circular enclosure, on which no archaeological excavations have yet been carried out, appears to have been the home of a wealthy farmer and his family. With an imposing exterior wall, especially on the northwest side, where it reaches 2.65 meters high and 2.1 meters wide, the structure reveals defensive capabilities, although that was not its main purpose.

Inside, there are five circular rooms built with the dry-stone technique. Although the original entrance has not been preserved, the current access is through a stile. It highlights the presence of an underground passageway, now blocked, which was probably used for storage or to hide goods or people. Caherdorgan, with its unique characteristics and panoramic location, contributes to the historical and archaeological value of Cosán Na Naomh, the Way of the Saints.

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