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Church of Santiago in Boente

The Church of Santiago de Boente, located in a rural setting near the Lugo-Santiago road, is a historical and religious treasure from the 12th century. Although it has undergone remodeling over the years, it still retains original Romanesque elements, such as a large window and two capitals. Its wooden ceiling and the image of Santiago Peregrino add warmth and devotion to the place. It is an important stopping point for pilgrims on the French, Primitive and Northern Ways, as well as being a religious tourist destination in its own right. The three clocks on its exterior, including a sundial, are fascinating details that connect time with its rich history. The Church of Santiago de Boente is more than a place to pass through: it is a window to the past, a symbol of faith and a refuge for travelers, inviting them to pause and reflect on its simple and profound beauty.

Images courtesy GuiaVisualdelCaminoPrimitivo

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    Rua de Abaixo, N-547, Boente, La Coruña
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