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Church of St James in Fontaneira

The church of Santiago de Fontaneira, located on the road between O Cádavo and Fonsagrada, is a rectangular temple built in the 18th century over a medieval chapel of the Pilgrims’ Hospital. Its reconstruction dates from 1802 and has a baroque altarpiece that is estimated to have been made between 1768 and 1779. The building is built with granite walls and a slate gabled roof, and is notable for its two linteled doors and a belfry with two openings. Inside it houses a main altarpiece with images of San Roque, Santiago on horseback, Santo Antonio and other simple figures. In addition, it has a valuable patrimony composed by two chalices of the XVIII century, a silver ciborium and a chest. The tradition tells that in the place where the House of the Hospital was located, at the moment occupied by the House of Bortelón, resided a blind priest and two nuns whose remains were discovered during a reformation carried out in 1980.

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    A Fontaneira, Lugo

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    Tiny church


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