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The Boheh Stone

  • Address
    Boheh, Co. Mayo, Ireland
  • Web
  • Visiting Hours
    Always open
  • What to see
    Bronze-Age stone

The Boheh Stone, located in Ireland, is a fascinating prehistoric site associated with the St. Patrick’s or Tochar Phadraig route. This stone features a series of “cup and ring” petroglyphs dating from the Bronze Age, making it a priceless archaeological artifact. Subsequently, this stone was Christianized and given the name St. Patrick’s Chair.

The stone has been a point of interest for centuries, and local lore suggests that when passing by it during the early morning hours of August 18, the shadow of Croagh Patrick Mountain aligns perfectly with one of the petroglyphs, which has led to speculation about astronomical or ritual connections in antiquity.

This unique site not only serves as a tangible reminder of the region’s prehistoric heritage, but also adds a mystical element to the St. Patrick’s route, offering pilgrims a special connection to the past as they follow in the footsteps of Ireland’s patron saint.

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