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Virgen del Carmen Chapel

The chapel of Carmen de Llampaxuga, located on the Primitive Way of the Camino de Santiago, is a rural construction with medieval origins. This small and cozy place of worship, dedicated to the Virgin of Carmen, is recognized as the first resting point for pilgrims starting their journey. Proudly maintained by the local inhabitants, the chapel stands out for its humility and care, as well as for the adjacent old washhouse. It is a place of devotion where the faithful pay homage to the Virgin and where pilgrims often stop to contemplate its beauty and find a moment of peace on their way.

Every year, members of the Asociación Astur Leonesa de Amigos del Camino de Santiago go to this chapel to lay a nativity scene at the feet of the Madonna.

Images courtesy Guia Visual del Camino Primitivo

  • Address
    Llampaxuga, Oviedo, Asturias
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    Tiny chapel, fountain


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