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Sanctuary of the Virgin of Fresno

The Sanctuary of the Virgen del Fresno, located on the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago de Compostela, is a place of great historical and spiritual importance in the itinerary of the Pilgrim’s Way. Its strategic location on the Jacobean route and its connection to the ancient tradition of the road make it a point of reference for pilgrims who travel this ancient route to Santiago de Compostela. An old cruceiro marks the way.

Probably built in the Middle Ages, the Sanctuary has witnessed various events over the centuries, including military incursions and periods of reconstruction. Its architectural structure, mainly from the 16th century with later modifications, reflects the historical and cultural complexity of the region. Its interior houses a crucifix and two beautiful Baroque altarpieces. The pilgrimage to the Virgen del Fresno attracts many believers and pilgrims who participate in novenas and traditional celebrations that keep the devotion alive in this sacred place. The devotion to Saint Michael is also very old in this sanctuary.

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  • Address
    Calle Fresno, 4, Asturias
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    Crucifix, cruceiro


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