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Sancti Spiritu Monastery

  • Address
    46149 Gilet, Valencia, Spain
  • Web
  • Visiting Hours
    Form 9:30 to 13:00
  • What to see
    Library, cloister

The Monastery of Sancti Spiritu in Gilet, Spain, has its roots in the initiative of Maria de Luna, wife of Martin I of Aragon, who founded it after the pacification of Sicily. Maria de Luna, in her will of 1404, bequeathed the convent and an income of 5,000 Valencian sueldos to the Franciscans of the Sancti Spiritu. Despite episodes of abandonment and cessions requested by King Ferdinand the Catholic, the monastery persisted. During the Spanish War of Independence, the friars abandoned it, serving as a hospital. After several periods of abandonment and return, today, the monastery stands out as a place of study, prayer and hospitality.

Throughout its history, Sancti Spiritu Monastery has experienced periods of decline and revival, from its inauguration in 1692 to becoming a mission college in 1889. In its library there are incunabula, as well as the complete collection of 64 plates drawn on paper of the life of St. Francis of Assisi by the Valencian painter José Benlliure.

Its relevance in the Way of the Holy Grail is manifested not only in its historical past, but also in its current role as an inn that welcomes visitors in an environment conducive to reflection and spirituality. On social networks, the well-known friar cook Fray Ángel delights his followers every week with a simple but tasty dish.

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