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Church of La Candelaria

The church of Candelaria or of the Purification of Our Lady in Luceni is an outstanding Gothic monument dating from the 13th century, although it has undergone modifications over time, especially in the 20th century. Its main structure consists of a five-bay nave with a flat chancel, where stone diaphragm arches that support the wooden roof are preserved. The semicircular doorway on the side wall stands out, as well as the square tower built in 1897 and topped with a gable roof in 1912. The church houses valuable movable property, such as the altarpiece of the Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple, a 15th century Gothic work in polychrome alabaster, donated by the Counts of Fuenclara.

The integral rehabilitation of the church, which included the tower and the exterior, highlights its architectural beauty. In 1998, a painting intervention was carried out in the interior, highlighting the decoration of the arches. However, the restoration of the main altarpiece, the subject of debate among specialists, reveals the importance of preserving and caring for this artistic heritage for future generations. The church of Candelaria in Luceni remains a living testimony to the history and culture of the region, attracting both the faithful and visitors interested in its rich artistic and architectural heritage.

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    Pl. Iglesia, 32, Luceni, Zaragoza
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    Altarpiece of the Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple

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