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San Nicola di Bari Church

The church of St. Nicholas of Bari in Pozzaglia Sabina houses the remains of St. Agostina Pietrantoni, patron saint of Italian nurses. Born March 27, 1864, in Pozzaglia Sabina, Agostina showed religious inclination and innate generosity from an early age. At the age of 22 she entered the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of St. Jeanne Antida Thouret and began her work as a nurse at the Santo Spirito Hospital in Rome. Despite the difficulties caused by the Roman Question, she continued her mission of caring for the sick, including those with contagious diseases such as tuberculosis.

Tragically, on November 13, 1894, she was killed by a violent patient named Giuseppe Romanelli, whom she forgave before she died. Beatified by Paul VI in 1972 and canonized by John Paul II in 1999, her life and sacrifice make her a symbol of love and forgiveness. Today, the Church of St. Nicholas of Bari in Pozzaglia Sabina is a place of pilgrimage where the faithful can pay homage to this saintly nurse, whose dedication to the sick and her witness of forgiveness continue to inspire generations of health care workers in Italy and elsewhere.

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    Via Giovanni XXIII, 31/32, Pozzaglia Sabina, Italy
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    Tomb of St Agostina

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