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San Martin de Tiobre Church

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    A, Rua O Betanzos, 2A, 15319, A Coruña (Spain)
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    Romanesque Church


The Church of San Martín de Tiobre is a prominent monument on the English Way to Santiago, a pilgrimage route to the tomb of the apostle Santiago in Compostela. The church, of Romanesque origin with later reforms, presents an architecture that combines notable elements, such as a south façade with a door framed by columns and a tympanum decorated with an intertwined cross. The main façade includes a door with chess decoration and a rectangular window.

The church is believed to have a long history, with hypotheses about its origin dating back to the time of the apostle St James or Swabian times. Its location on the route that connects the north with San Pantaleón das Viñas and other places makes it a meeting point and reference for travelers. In addition, the architecture and decoration of the church offer pilgrims a sample of the historical and religious wealth of Galicia. In summary, the Church of San Martín de Tiobre is a prominent site on the English Way that combines history, spirituality and architectural beauty, enriching the experience of pilgrims who follow this route to Santiago de Compostela.

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