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Saint Paul’s Well

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    Kızılmurat Mahallesi, 37 Sok., 33400 Tarsus/Mersin, Turkey
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    St Paul’s house remains

Well traditionally located in the courtyard of the birthplace of Saint Paul. Due to Paul’s importance to Christianity, these ruins and the well have long been considered sacred. Pilgrims heading to Jerusalem stopped to drink the little water, considered blessed.

The edge stone is cylindrical, the body of the current well is square and was made with rectangular-shaped carved stones. The water from the well, which is 18 meters deep, does not decrease either in summer or in winter. During the restoration work, right next to the well, remains of the house wall were found. There is an old path covered with basalt stones in the vicinity of the courtyard. This path has been preserved in its almost original form since the time of Pablo de Tarso.



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