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San Giacomo Church

  • Address
    Viale Conte Ruggero 5, Piazza Armerina, Italia
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    Temporary closed
  • What to see
    Medieval Church


Borgo San Giacomo, an ancient settlement located north of Piazza Armerina in Sicily, has had its history marked by transformations and loss of structures due to modern overlays, such as roads and a cemetery. Although much of the borgo has disappeared, the church of San Giacomo, considered to date back to the 14th century, has survived and today functions as a municipal warehouse. Strategically located on a route connecting the Tyrrhenian Sea with Terranova and other important points, the church has a historical connection to the Knights Templar and serves as a witness to an ancient pilgrimage route.

Two prestigious orders dedicated to San Giacomo, the Knights of San Giacomo d’Altopascio and the Knights of San Giacomo della Spada, operated hospitals for pilgrims in the region, with the hospitale di Naro being of great importance. These orders played a crucial role in maintaining and defending the pilgrimage routes, connecting key points in Sicily. Despite the loss of the borgo, the church of San Giacomo and its connection to the Knights of San Giacomo highlight the importance of this region in the pilgrimage network, providing a significant historical link on the Way of St. James in Sicily.

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