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Carriganass Castle

  • Address
    Carriganass, Co. Cork, Ireland
  • Web
  • Visiting Hours
    Always open
  • What to see
    Ruins of the castle

Carriganass Castle in Cork has a rich history associated with Donal Cam O’Sullivan Beare and plays a prominent role on the St. Finbarr’s Pilgrimage Trail. In the 16th century, Donal Cam O’Sullivan Beare, leader of the O’Sullivan Beare clan, used this castle as a strategic point in his resistance to English raids during the Nine Years’ Wars, in which Ireland lost its independence and saw its religion outlawed. The fortress witnessed significant historical events, including O’Sullivan Beare’s famous march to Leitrim after the defeat at the Battle of Kinsale.

In addition to its historical significance, Carriganass Castle marks the halfway point on the St. Finbarr’s Pilgrimage route. This connection adds a spiritual layer to its history as pilgrims can explore both the exploits of Donal Cam O’Sullivan Beare, who died in exile in Spain, and the sacred aspects of the St. Finbarr Way at this fascinating site. A statue of St Finbarr stands in the middle of the ruins.

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