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Saint Joseph in Valguarnera church

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    Piazza S. Giuseppe, Valguarnera Caropepe (Italy)
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    St Joseph statue

The church of San Giuseppe di Valguarnera, built in 1921 in Gothic style, stands out for its imposing atrium and stands as a majestic structure in the village of Valguarnera Caropepe, Sicily. The feast of St. Joseph, celebrated on March 19, is very significant for the local community, beginning with a novena starting on March 10, followed by a pilgrimage on the 17th, the traditional u mbraculu on the 18th and culminating with the solemn procession of the Holy Drill on the 19th.

The land for the church was donated by Com. Agostino Serra, and construction began in 1911. The church, with three naves, houses a bronze statue of St. Joseph by the Neapolitan sculptor Pellegrino Giuseppe. Elevated to a parish church in 1928, the church has become an important stage on the Way of St. James in Sicily, noted for its Gothic architecture, local devotion and traditional festivities.

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