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Sacro Speco of St Francis

The Sacro Speco of Poggio Bustone, also known as the Cave of Revelations, is a place of deep spirituality and devotion, associated with the figure of St. Francis of Assisi. This cave, located in the middle of the woods, is where the saint is said to have received the remission of his sins and the revelation of the future of his Order.

To access the Sacro Speco, it is necessary to walk a winding path through the woods and uphill for about 400 meters. Along this path are six chapels, erected in the 17th century, which commemorate different episodes in the life of St. Francis.

The cave itself is a rustic construction, with one part dating back to the 17th century and another to the early 15th century. Inside, pilgrims can experience a sense of peace and recollection, feeling the presence of the divine.

In addition to the Sacro Speco, in the main square is the Tempietto della Pace, a small temple built in the 20th century that houses a statue of St. Francis. This place, along with the bronze monument depicting the angel bending over St. Francis, adds an element of contemplation and reverence to the sacred environment.

The Sacro Speco of Poggio Bustone is a place of pilgrimage and meditation, where the faithful can connect with the spirituality of St. Francis and experience the peace that emanates from nature and the divine presence.


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