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Parish Church of Our Lady of Assumption

The Church of the Assumption in Legazpi is an impressive basilica structure with three naves, where Renaissance style columns support Gothic vaults. Its history dates back to 1407, being renovated and rebuilt several times, reaching its current form between 1700 and 1720. The altarpiece of the main altar, made by Pedro Quintana in baroque style, stands out for its recent restoration. In addition, the church houses other artistic elements, such as side altars and chapels, showing the richness of its heritage.

The construction of the church, carried out by master stonemasons such as Pedro Carrera, is characterized by the fusion of Gothic and Renaissance elements. In 1762, a wide portico was added around the temple, the work of Martín de Carrera. The interior presents a remarkable baroque work between 1713 and 1717, with a Churrigueresque altarpiece that stands out for its ornamentation and the presence of other artistic works in the side chapels. The Church of the Assumption, with its historical evolution and architectural richness, stands as an important spiritual symbol in Legazpi.

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    Euskalherria Enparantza Plaza 4, Legazpi, Gipuzkoa
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    Portico, altarpiece

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