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Sacred fountain

The Sacred Fountain of A Fonsagrada is an emblematic element with deep historical and symbolic links to the Primitive Way of St. James. Its location, at the foot of the parish church of Santa María and on the route of the Camino, makes it a significant point of reference for pilgrims and travelers passing through the area. According to local legends, this miraculous spring provided milk instead of water to feed a widow and her children, or arose as a divine reward after welcoming a needy pilgrim. These stories, though legendary, reflect the cultural and spiritual importance of the Fuente Sacra as a symbol of protection and sustenance on the road to Santiago.

In addition to its connection with the Camino de Santiago, the Fuente Sacra is also associated with pre-Christian beliefs of water veneration, being considered an origin of life and prosperity for the local population. Its existence, together with the detour to A Fonsagrada, attracted numerous travelers and pilgrims, contributing to the establishment and growth of the town over the centuries. Therefore, the Sacred Fountain of A Fonsagrada is not only an architectural element, but also a symbol of tradition, hospitality and protection on the historic Primitive Way of St. James.

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    Rúa Fonte, 1882, A Fonsagrada, Lugo
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    Always open
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