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San Mattew Tal-Maqluba Church

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    Triq It-Tempesta, Il-Qrendi, Malta
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    Two chapels, maybe the oldest crypt in Malta

Two churches dedicated to St. Matthew are located on this site, offering a fascinating historical and spiritual perspective in the context of the Maltese Way. In the case of the older chapel, the original church and crypt are believed to date from the 11th century and are also related to a 12th century local legend about the ancient village that was swallowed by a sinkhole, leaving only the chapel and a pious woman inside due to the villagers’ sinful lifestyle. The chapel features a painted scallop shell behind a stone altar, with decorative elements dating from several centuries later.

The larger church, built in the 17th century and connected to the original chapel by a spiral staircase, houses remarkable paintings, including the main one attributed to the prominent artist Mattia Pretti. Despite suffering damage during World War II, both churches have been restored, preserving their rich history and connection to local legends.

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