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Oratory San Pietro Eremita

By Marica MassaroOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

St. Peter the Hermit (10th century) is a figure revered for his life of charity and devotion. He was known as the “itinerant knight” and was first called “Hermit” in a bull of Pope Paul II. During his lifetime he performed several miracles, including the multiplication of loaves in the monastery of St. Scholastica. His last days were spent in Trevi in Lazio, where he continued to perform miracles, such as healing a blind man and freeing people possessed by demons.

The Oratory of St. Peter the Hermit in Trevi nel Lazio is an important place of worship, built in 1685 on the site where the saint is believed to have died. The high altar, made of polychrome marble, houses an impressive 18th-century sculptural group in the Bernini style, depicting an angel and a statue of the dying saint, made in 1700. To the side of the high altar, a small door and stairs lead to a tiny room known as the “chicken coop” or “hovel,” where St. Peter the Hermit died.

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    Via San Pietro, 1, Trevi Nel Lazio, Italia
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    Sculpture St Peter dying, pollaio

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