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Mission of Santiago de Chiquitos

The church of Santiago de Chiquitos, founded in 1754, is an architectural treasure that reflects the colonial history of the region. Although the original structure, built by the Jesuits, was destroyed in the 20th century, the reconstruction by the Franciscans preserves original elements, such as an impressive column at the entrance. Although not a World Heritage Site, the church houses valuable pieces from the missionary era and has an architectural beauty that captivates visitors. The ancient bells, suspended with güembé, a durable tree bark, ring out during important events, such as the Patronal Fiesta on July 25th, highlighting its cultural and historical importance in the Chiquitos region.

In addition to its historical and architectural importance, the church of Santiago de Chiquitos plays an important role in the Music Route. In this town, the musical tradition inherited from the Jesuits is kept alive, and the Baroque Music School of Santiago de Chiquitos contributes to its preservation by teaching children and young people. These musicians, trained in this historical environment, often perform Baroque music in the context of the mission church, thus preserving a fundamental aspect of the local culture. The music, along with the religious festivities and traditions of the Cabildo Indígena, make Santiago de Chiquitos a culturally enriching destination on the Music Route, attracting both visitors interested in its historical legacy and lovers of Baroque music.

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