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Mission of Santa Cruz de Yaguaru

The Mission of Santa Cruz de Yaguarú, founded in 1841 by Father Francisco Lacueva and definitively built by Father Manuel Viudez, is an important part of the history of the Franciscan missions in Guarayos, Bolivia. Located 40 km from Ascensión and 17 km from Urubichá, this mission is known for its church, built at the end of the last century by Father Ambrosio Prati. The temple stands out for its original features, including three covered naves with a sloping roof and neo-Gothic wooden altarpieces. In addition, the Yaguarú Lagoon, which surrounds the city, offers a calm and cool environment, ideal for fishing and relaxation. Yaguarú is part of the Franciscan Missions of Guarayos, which in 2015 was declared a Tangible and Intangible Heritage of the Department of Santa Cruz. Its historical and architectural importance makes it a point of tourist interest on the Route of the Music of Bolivia.


    • Address
      17 km from Urubichá, Bolivia
    • Web
    • Visiting Hours
      Always open
    • What to see
      Mission close to a lagoon

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