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Church of St Peter the Apostle

The church of San Pedro Apóstol in Calera y Chozas, Toledo, is a remarkable example of architectural evolution throughout different periods, reflecting a rich history of styles. Mainly Romanesque in style, the temple features a 16th century Renaissance doorway with a triangular pediment and characteristic decorative details. The windows of the temple show late Gothic influences, particularly in the semicircular arches. The presbytery, built entirely of stone, is crowned by a half-orange dome and the transept vault sits on attached columns with Corinthian capitals.

Among the outstanding elements are a side chapel dedicated to Nuestra Señora de la Vega and two additional chapels dedicated to the Santísimo Cristo de Chozas and Nuestra Señora de los Dolores. In addition, the parish complex includes a sacristy and a religious art exhibition room. The choir, with a brick floor and wooden railing, preserves the trumpets of an old organ. Among the artistic heritage, there are two holy water fonts from the 15th century and a baptismal font, all made of granite. The tower of the temple, composed of stone at its base and brick and rammed earth at the top, suggests various stages of construction and reconstruction, possibly due to damage suffered during the French invasion of the nineteenth century.



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