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Il-Kappella tal-Lunzjata (Annunciation Chapel)

  • Address
    Triq Iż-Żurrieq, L-Imqabba, Malta
  • Web
  • Visiting Hours
    First Sunday of each month
  • What to see
    Medieval frescoes

The Chapel of the Annunciation is a medieval Catholic church located in Ħal-Millieri, limits of Żurrieq, Malta. Built around 1450 on the site of a 13th century chapel, the chapel was possibly used as a mosque in its early days, as suggested by its architecture. Built in 1480, the chapel has gone through periods of neglect over the centuries. During the pastoral visit of Monsignor Pietro Dusina in 1575, it was found to be in good condition, but lacked liturgical elements and a rector. After periods of neglect, it was restored by Teenagers Din l-Art Helwa in 1968 and subsequently by the University of Malta and Oxford University. The frescoes discovered in the 15th century during the restoration depict various saints, and the chapel, with its connection to historical periods, adds a unique dimension to the Maltese Way.

The Chapel is notable not only for its medieval architecture, but also for the discovery of 15th century frescoes during restoration. Despite periods of neglect, the continued efforts of institutions such as the University of Malta and the University of Oxford have contributed to the preservation of these historic works of art. This archaeological site reveals layers of history, from its origin in the Middle Ages to the possible connection with a Roman villa. The Chapel of the Annunciation, restored and maintained over the years, stands as a unique point of interest on the Maltese Way, offering pilgrims a fascinating insight into Malta’s rich history.

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