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Convent of La Recoleta

The Convent of La Recoleta or Santa Ana de Monte Sión, founded in 1601 by the Franciscans in Sucre, Bolivia, is an important cultural and spiritual center. Over the centuries, it has witnessed the history of the country and has maintained its relevance as a place of recollection and reflection. In addition to its church rebuilt in the 19th century, the convent houses an outstanding library with 20,000 titles and a museum that exhibits paintings, sculptures, religious works and a numismatic collection from the Colony and the Republic. With its three romantic cloisters and its gigantic cedar tree proclaimed a “national monument”, La Recoleta remains a place of spiritual and cultural importance in Bolivia.

As part of the Missionary Province of San Antonio in Bolivia, La Recoleta continues its Franciscan work, providing space for the novitiate and serving as a place of study and contemplation. Its unique 17th century choir stalls, carved in cedar, and its four minor altars in Gothic style are elements that stand out within its architecture and history. The preservation of its bibliographic and artistic heritage, together with its role as a center of religious formation, reinforces its relevance as an important cultural and spiritual enclave in Sucre and as part of the Route of the Franciscan Colonial Convents.

  • Address

    Plaza Mirador, Sucre, Bolivia

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  • Visiting Hours
    Monday to Friday 09:00 to 11:30 and 14:30 to 16:30; Saturday afternoons 14:30 to 16:30.
  • What to see
    Museum, baroque church

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