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Hermitage of the Holy Cross of Mirandaola

The hermitage of Mirandaola, located in the park of the same name in Legazpi, acquires special relevance as a spiritual place linked to the forge of the same name. Built in neoclassical style in 1952 thanks to the patronage of Patricio Etxeberria and Teresa Agirre, the hermitage houses paintings by Soler Blanco depicting the miracle that occurred at the forge in 1580. This miraculous event, where workers defied the Sunday rest and obtained a cross instead of the expected iron, was declared miraculous by the bishop of Pamplona in 1633. Mirandaola Day, celebrated on the Sunday following May 4, becomes a significant event for the local community, marked by the procession of the Holy Cross from the parish church to the hermitage, followed by pilgrimage, music and popular festivities.

The Mirandaola hermitage, restored along with the forge in 1952, stands as a spiritual symbol that commemorates the miracle and connects the industrial history of the forge with the religious tradition of the community. Its spiritual significance is manifested in annual celebrations, providing a space for devotion, reflection and connection to local history. In addition, the neoclassical architecture and paintings alluding to the miracle provide an environment conducive to spiritual contemplation and recognition of the intersection between the sacred and the industrial in Legazpi’s culture.

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    Telleriarte Diseminado Barreiatua 12, Legazpi, Gipuzkoa
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    Paintings of the Miracle

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