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Hermitage of St Illan

The Ermita de San Illán, located three kilometers from Cebolla, Toledo, is a significant example of religious architecture with a single nave and cross plan, built in brick and mortar. Its main façade, facing south, has an arcaded gallery and a 17th century belfry that houses a historic bell. Inside, the chapel houses a rich collection of artistic and religious goods, highlighting the carving of the Virgen de la Antigua, a work of the thirteenth century restored in 1742, and the altarpiece made by Francisco Alvarez Lorenzana in the eighteenth century. In addition, the 18th century ceramic tiles narrate the life and miracles of San Illán, whose tomb is located in the hermitage, making it a center of pilgrimage and devotion.

The hermitage is also notable for its miraculous fountain, associated with San Illán and known for its healing properties, especially against rabies. According to legend, the saint discovered this miraculous spring while plowing. In his will of 1576, Miguel de Corral Ahumada mentioned this hermitage, indicating its historical and religious importance since the 16th century. The present structure of the building, with its nave and transept covered by a half-orange dome and its flat apse, dates from the 17th century. The interior decorations, including the mural paintings of the Virgin’s dressing room, attributed to Luis Cosón, reflect a rococo style with Italianate influences. Recently, the process to declare this hermitage an Asset of Cultural Interest has been initiated, which underlines its cultural and patrimonial value.


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    St Illan Road Cebolla, Toledo
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    Amazing paintings and miraculous fountain

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