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Hermitage of Santa María del Camí

Santa María del Camí is a church with a rich and relevant history in the context of the Camino de Santiago. Originally a small chapel and hospital for travelers on the old royal road between Barcelona and Lleida, this place became a Benedictine priory in 1228, under the patronage of the monastery of Santa Cecília de Montserrat.

Over the centuries, it served as a place of worship and refuge for pilgrims traveling along this important pilgrimage route. Its strategic location and its function as a medical care center made it a crucial point along the way. Although in 1919 worship was moved to a new building, its legacy endures as a testimony to the hospitality and faith that characterize the Camino de Santiago. The 12th century Romanesque church, with its distinctive design and distinctive decorative elements, is a tangible reminder of the historical and spiritual importance of this place.


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    Santa Maria del Camí, Lleida
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