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Heretat Oller del Mas

The Heretat Oller del Mas, with more than 1,000 years of history, has a close relationship with the Ignatian Way. Since 1522, the Oller family has welcomed Ignatian pilgrims to their castle, where a 17th century family chapel dedicated to Saint Ignatius is preserved. This medieval castle, originally from the 10th century, has witnessed generations of the Oller family, whose unique history is reflected in the portraits that still adorn its walls. Today, the Margenat family continues the winemaking tradition, lovingly preserving the millenary history and working with passion to unite it with modernity. Pilgrims walking the Ignatian Way pass through the vineyards of Heretat Oller del Mas and contemplate Montserrat from their lands, reliving the spiritual connection that Inigo de Loyola experienced during his stay at the castle in the 16th century.


    • Address
      Carretera de Igualada km 91, Manresa, Barcelona
    • Web
    • Visiting Hours
      Everyday from 9:00 to 21:00
    • What to see
      Chapel of St Ignatius

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