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Church of San Blas

The church of San Blas in Ribaforada, founded by the Knights Templar in the 12th century, is a historical monument that has witnessed the evolution of the town over the centuries. Rebuilt in the 16th century in Gothic-Renaissance style, it retains elements of its original structure, such as a prismatic tower and a nave with a semicircular apse. Over time, it has undergone several reforms, such as the incorporation of starred vaults and the construction of the chapel of San Bartolomé in the 17th century. Although it has now been replaced by a new parish building inaugurated in 1956, the church of San Blas remains a symbol of the history and tradition of Ribaforada.

The unique architecture of the church of San Blas, with its combination of Gothic, Renaissance and Mudejar styles, reflects the rich history and cultural diversity of the region. Highlights include the belfry restored in the 1990s and the Baroque altarpiece in the chapel of San Bartolomé, which housed tenebrist paintings of San Blas and San Antón. Although its limited capacity led to the construction of a new parish church in 1956, the church of San Blas preserves valuable works of art, including a 14th century seated Virgin and a 17th century Crucified Christ. Its importance as a historical monument and its role in the life of the community make it a cultural reference point in Ribaforada.


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    Mayor St, Ribaforada, Navarra
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    Mudejar church

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