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Church of St Peter the Apostle

The church of San Pedro Apóstol in Alagón, in the Mudejar style, dates from the 13th and 14th centuries, with later additions. Originally with a single nave and semicircular apse, it was enlarged with an additional bay and side chapels in the 15th century. It stands out for its brick structure and its octagonal tower, considered one of the most beautiful examples of Aragonese Mudejar architecture. Inside, it houses several chapels, including the chapels of Santo Cristo and Santa Ana, with plasterwork decoration that combines Mudejar, Gothic and Renaissance motifs.

The church is part of the Mudejar route of the Cinco Villas and is related to the history of the Crown of Aragon, possibly being the site of the wedding of Pedro IV in 1338. Over the centuries, modifications were made such as the addition of chapels and a choir loft. The interior decoration includes plasterwork with varied motifs, while the tower has the typical Almohad minaret structure. The church is an outstanding example of Mudejar art in Aragon and an important point of historical and architectural interest.

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    San Pedro St, Alagón, Zaragoza
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    Mudejar church

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